Looking for a WordPress blog + portfolio theme with a few specific requirements

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I could use some help finding a WordPress theme with some specific features. In short:

- A quilt-like landing page—section on top for blog posts, section on the bottom for portfolio posts—like you see in a lot of portfolio themes now, like this one, but…
- I want it to use good ol’ fashioned categories and featured images, not custom post formats, because if I ever switch themes, all those posts disappear. The WordPress theme apparently can’t figure out how to make their themes interoperable
- The blog post section has to handle text titles if I don’t want to set a featured image
- Blog posts have to handle WordPress’s link post format

The rest is negotiable. Anyone seen something like this? Thanks in advance!

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Please share your requirement to suriyan100@gmail.com

Regards, Suriyan

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Hey chartier,

I know of one author here (mikemcalister) that uses ‘good old fashioned categories’ for portfolio posts; you can take a look at his themes. It may be possible that you need to hire a freelancer to customize the theme for some of your needs, but it would get you a pretty solid start.

For TF authors: here’s to another wake-up call. Stop registering custom post types in your theme, do it with a plugin. As you can see, it’s a pain for customers if they switch themes in the future.