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Hi all. I am looking to purchase a blog theme, but have a very specific requirement; some of my posts will be about work, some about fun stuff, some will be articles. I want each post to have a sticker on it that clearly differentiates (in words, not just icon/image) the post type. Most sites have something discreet (like ‘filed under…) but I need this to be really obvious as different readers will have different uses for the blog.

Ideally the blog would also have these categories very clearly labelled on or near the masthead – so visitors don’t have to scroll down.

I have found it surprisingly hard to find what I’m looking for, and would REALLY appreciate ANY ideas/links to themes I’ve missed. I’ve spent so much time on this site but I haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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You’ve found it difficult to look for because this is isn’t really a specific theme feature but something that can easily be added to any theme. Google ‘custom post templates’

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hey! If you’re interested to have a custom template instead, I can render our designer experts then.

Just let me know detailed specs of your requirements and will quote accordingly.

Email me at sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Hoping to hear from you!!..

- Sandra …