Looking for Advisor Developer (Back-end, Visual Composer) - Paid work.

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Hey! Looking for a developer to help me with some advice on VC, basically, what you’ll be doing is point me in the right directions, write some code, analyze code & revise it. My problem is that I am not successful in integrating VC as I would like with my theme. (Bust mostly the code will be written on my part, in theory, I’d just need you to review it and patch it.)

I’m looking for a developer that has proven experience with:

- Visual Composer, more precisely, making content-boxes work with VC and everything tied to it. - WordPress (duh!)

I’ll pay cash, via PayPal, hourly or project based. Whatever fits you best!

Only looking for developer with experience, looking for a fast-kill here. :)

Feel free to contact us via the profile page, don’t leave a reply here as I rarely check the forums.