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Hello all,

I run a web design / development blog that has good SEO rank and receives a fair amount of pageviews every month and the top incoming links are from places like Smashing Magazine, Noupe, Stumbleupon and Nettuts+.

The problem is, I don’t have much free time these days to keep up with writing regular posts and tutorials and I really would hate to see things get stale. I’m looking for anyone who would like to contribute well written tutorials, articles or anything related. This doesn’t mean throwing together a list post or top 50 of this and that, but something with some thought into it.

Anyone who is interested will receive compensation if your article is accepted, an author profile section at the bottom of the post and a chance to promote your work, blog, whatever to hundreds of readers every day.

Check out the site or send me a message through my profile if you would like to participate or just like more info.