Looking for designer that wants to be the first making this type of template.

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Here is an idea for a theme that nobody has done for Theme Forest

an unsubscribe page template

all emails have an unsubscribe link that take users to this page and for the most part they are UGLIER then butt scum

we need some cool unsubscribe pages templates and I will buy many for many of our clients :))) Every body should have one according to the Canned Spam Act in USA .

Since you would be the first with such a theme I bet you sell over 1 thousand because it will be simple and cheap :)

Remember first cu3er template sold more then all others :) The first email templates and the first of anything new always sells the most. Having said that I am sure there will many in competition to be the first. I really need quite a few of these templates

example http://screenr.com/t8S the best unsubscribe elink video

Of course this idea is over the top so more practical approach but with reminders such as Are you sure you want to leave us? Humor is good so are practical business ideas etc etc.

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I’m really interested.

Contact me @ scriptiz@gmail.com

Kind Regards

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Its a great idea. I am going to design soon

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But for a good consumer / subscriber experience it is important that your unsubscribe page would match the other areas of your website. If you have a different flashy looking unsubscribe page then it will not flow with the rest of your clients’ website – most people take a template used for an existing page on their site – remove the content from the page and insert your unsubscribe form / message.

Maybe if the new landing page category (let’s not get in to a discussion re what a landing page is :) ) is introduced this is something that I already thought of producing – I do this for my email marketing clients when I create the landing page / jump page etc I also create an unsubscribe for them also so that everything matches – as I said hopefully we will see this new category soon as I have plenty of experience with results orientated landing page and email collection pages – should be exciting.

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Envato team
Remember first cu3er template sold more then all others :)

That’s not true at all, the first cu3er theme was my theme iMaxell and kriesi killed my sales :tired: