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Going along the lines of Jaffy’s last point, it’s important that you get the structure down before you start adding shine. A design without effects should still look solid.

To add a bit more of a unified look, you should align the left edge of the logo border with the left edge of your body text, and with the footer as well. Its fine if you want the header out of alignment for emphasis, but when all 3 have their own alignment it starts to look messy. Same goes for the right side of your page, all those edges should line up.

For the featured content area, the Featured Content title looks lost, aligning that left would help. The picture looks a little bit cramped in there, you might try sizing it down, and maybe taking off a paragraph of text in the description to compensate.

All these are just my thoughts, feel free to disagree. It definitely can work, and you’ve got a good start.

I’ll post an image of the modifications I suggested if you like.

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LoewenWeb, thanks for the in depth reply. I don’t really think that a picture is required. I can pretty well visualize your comments. I agree that alignment is important. I should make a point of aligning certain elements.

As for the header text logo. I did purposely put that out of alignment so that it would stand out. I just thought that too much alignment would make it too neat. As for the other alignment comments, I see your point.