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Hey all,

Hope someone out there can point me in the right direction.

I am on the look out for a theme/module that would allow people to subscribe to my site and then allow them to invite and delegate roles to a certain number of people, depending on the plan that they’ve signed up to.

For example,

A user would browse to my site, pick plan A, subscribe via PayPal and then they would gain access to a member only area, as well as the ability to invite a certain number of people, as well as give them the rights to kick/revoke the rights of those people.

It’s a fairly common pattern that a lot of subscription websites use.

I’ve used pretty much every CMS under the sun. So I’m not set on any particular one. I’m more or less looking for something that would allow me to establish the member centre part of the equation so that I can concentrate on the actual application that people gain access too.

Any ideas? Pointers? Anything that’s fairly supported? :)

Cheers - Kreatific