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I offer $1000 to a professional PSD designer who wants to design our new PSD website with art and enthusiasm.

We already have the Home PSD design concept and logo as well. Also, we already have all interior pages mockups with structure and elements, so, it will be easy for you to understand what we want exactly.

We need to design the 10 interior pages.

I will only accept a designer with a PSD portfolio at themeforest.com

If you feel you have time to start right now or tomorrow Add me to Skype, my nick is Pargoli ( Austria )

It is very important for me that you are available for chat communication.

I am friendly and have lot of works always.

The site is a classified site Craigslist style and you can see the home design here http://itwebstudios.com/final-design-withlogo2.jpg which needs some improvement.

Thank you.

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Yeah i have my dream project design which is not started yet but its much professional like dribble or creattica… i can share my design with you but i am not graphicrevier author and not have any psd on that marketplace. Second i can’t sale my dream design in such $1000. The design is much original then others because i made this design for my dream project which is not started yet :P

The good thing is the design is ready and much of your time will save if that design will fulfil your desire.

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I am interested, but couldn’t reach you on Skype

If you still are interested, you can email me :)

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Hi, I am interesting in your project. I am a PSD designer. I have won several design contests on 99designs. You can check my portfolio from below link.


I will give you full satisfaction from my work. Looking forward your reply.

You can communicate on vinodpal09@gmail.com

Thanks so much !!

Vinod Pal

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I’m interested, please send me an email. You can check my works in here: