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I’m looking for a singer-songwriter who have an original song to collab with our project.. Music should be with lyrics and we’ll be cross producing the song on the cloud. Preferably music and lyrics that touches emotions of people, as we’ll be doing a short film on the poverty of people.

A little about us and the project.

Our project name called ‘The Vivid Project’ makes videos for a good cause. The concept is simple, we’re planning to make short films while having original background music by artist. For every view on youtube, we have sponsors who will contribute 1 cent. And all proceeds would go into a charity fund. The charitable for this round is, ‘House Of Hope’ who provides education, monetary support and such to the people of poverty.

We will feature the songwriter for the background music and also enable sales for the original music. 50% of all song sales will go to charity. and the other 50% for the artists, singers and such.

We’re based in Malaysia and we look to collaborate musically with international people. Hoping to hear from some people who are interested to collaborate with their original music.

We have a site for the whole project, but it’s being updated, and should be fully up by next week. Check it out here: http://thevividproject.wordpress.com/

Do drop me an email to talk to me and see how we’ll work things out. We’re going viral, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Email me at : reuben@thecatstudio.com.my Follow on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/#!/Reubenchng Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/reubencyh