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Need something that has the following:

1. Green skin

2. Testimonials (I can always make an additional blog so this is just a bonus)

3. FAQ section

4. Need a square style side menu link/advertisement to another company.

5. Looks business like

6. (this is a special request and probably wont be filled so no biggie) Ability to sell 2-3 books with Paypal built in.

7. Nothing overdone, super crazy jazzy snazzy.

8. Must be Wordpress! <—which is what is killing me right now with choices I know. But it needs to be self manageable when I am done with it.

This is for a health site promoting good health and proper vitamins (not the fake kind either) all natural. I found a theme that fits all of these but it has been nothing but a hassle. Logo issues, text formatting problems, etc.

I’d link the one I already am using but I don’t want anyone thinking I am hating on the site.

Thank you, Darren