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As I said in other topics, a fair split would be 50-50 for PSD + HTML vs WP, maybe 45-55(55 for WP) in case it gets 500+ sales, for the support requests, or 40-60. After that, the 50% for PSD + HTML has to be split in either 25% – 25% or 20% – 30%, so if the WP dev does that too, he should take let’s say 50% for WP and 25% for HTML , which is 75%. 75-25 or 70-30 looks fair for me, for a good design.


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I just offered my suggestion. of course we can able to talk about other things; supporting, communications, answers, etc…

Here is new position;

If I wont do anything: %40

Me and Luke shares 50% of the earnings since the start of our partnership and we don’t mind this however we share a lot of work between us. For myself, I handle technical support and code all day while Luke handles design, all the awesome marketing stuff and general support along with Mel (our awesome support girl). 50/50 can definitely work but I think if designer wants to do nothing but design then 35-40% is fair but 20% is not.

Yes but that’s fair. You’re paying the support girl, then split up the rest of the money, but the rest of the work as well. It’s not really what Seyyahil proposes.