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Hello everyone,

This thread is the other way around. Usually people are looking for someone to convert their HTML designs in fully fledged WordPress themes, we want the opposite.

We have a WordPress theme selling and it seems there is quite much demand for a HTML version of it. We’ve crafted it just for WordPress so this job requires a good understanding of WordPress too.

If you are interested, please drop us an e-mail via our profile page to discuss further. Please keep in mind that if we find a decent coder for this type of job, we already have a handful of WP themes in the queue, so you could be doing this regularly if you wish to.

How do we do this?

We either pay you a fixed amount for the job or either we split the earnings. The template will stay on our account and we shall pay you the discussed percentage on each 15th of the month.

Looking forward to hearing from you coders out there!

Best Regards, Daniel – NuminaThemes

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Hey i might be able to help you on this for the “pay you a fixed amount” option that if you haven’t found someone yet. I will be happy to hear more info about what exactly you need.

You can check my website on this page below: http://www.oalddesign.com

And contact me by the contact methods below if you interested in my services:

Email: oald1s@gmail.com
Gtalk: oald1s@gmail.com
Yahoo Msn: oald123@yahoo.com
Aim: oald1@aim.com
Skype: oaldss