Looking to partner with designer to develop theme - any input appreciated

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Just wanted to test the waters here and see if there are any designers out there that are interested in having their design developed into a wordpress theme or see if others had advice on this.

A bit about me: I truly have a passion for building themes – not sure why I love it so much, but I do and while I could put the time into my own design…. I’m curious if others are in search of a partner here or if any other theme developers have suggestions in regards to this.

About my work: Themes would be extremely high quality and pass all necessary testing (themeforest) and non-required testing (wptest.io for example). Will be happy to provide samples/references when needed but want to keep this short and am not posting this to push my portfolio.

Any tips/advice or guidance in terms of best practice here would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hi. I’m interested in talking more. Could you send me an email with more info and some examples of your work? Thanks

email me at

joe at upended dotcom