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Anyway, like I said earlier, I’m not trying to pick a fight.

me neither! macs are better :D

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@xmdsys – Dont’ worry. I didn’t post the negative points to make a fight either. These are just some of the problem I had with my Macbook for the first time. (Never had Mac book pro)

Let me post the positive too so I won’t get jumped lol

  • Very stylish notebook to have
  • As xmdsys said it is very strong
  • The OS is very easy to use
  • No virus to worry!
  • Great LCD
  • Lot of great softwares for designer
  • Cats like to sit on it! (At least my cat)
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Envato team

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback and advices :)

I am using PC since I am using computer, I just get a dell laptop for my girl friend last few months. I want to get a MacBook initially but she said she don’t know how to use, and the price is a little bit higher than the laptop we bought. However, the win Vista is really a trouble to me. I have a few software failed to run on it. And, I already formatted the windows for a few times due to some issue with the software.

Then I meet a friend last week, he is using MacBook. that’s his first macbook, he got it about 4 years ago. Here is what he said:

“Man, you gotta tried MacBook. I never worry about its performance, I never reformat the OS and it never give me any trouble. It falls on the floor a few times, but, never have a problem :P You will love it once you have it.”

Then he shows me his MacBook, ya, the casing has a bit broken line, but the screen, performance, speed are just as good as a new one.

BTW , after I read feedback from Jarel, I decided to get myself the iMac first :P

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It’s something i hear a lot from freinds and mac users i know is that Mac’s are invulnerable to picking up Viruses/Worms/Etc, and i constantly have to remind them that it’s something that is a common misconceived idea in the general Mac user community.

Mac’s are not invulnerable to picking viruses up, just less prone/heard of.

Some examples of viruses that affected Macs include: ‘Melissa.W’ , ‘Inqtana.A Worm’ and ‘Leap.A (Oompa-Loompa Virus)’

Just thought i’d throw a bit of knowledgeable information out there.

But to add on to the general topic, Mac’s are very stylish machines. I have used them and loved my time using them. Their OS immerses you into a nice design and simple usability! Though, there is a debate between Windows and Mac users, why i don’t know, but each has their advantages and downfalls.