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all in the list are great… but I used chrisfay’s EnvatoTracker. Envato Marketplace Mobile is awesome but I cant logout once Im in my profile I see some minor bugs though :)

Thanks for the mention :)

I still like/use EnvatoTracker for sales notifications as well. As it was one of the first I’m not sure why it wasn’t mentioned.
yeah! until now I used it because its simply useful.. I like the sale tone though… lol :) this should be included in the list c’mon…

Thanks, agreed! I still don’t see this added… It may not be packed with bells and whistles, but it does one thing well, and that’s notify you when you get them sales :)

Not to mention – the source is included separately, so anyone interested in learning to integrate the API with a desktop app has functional C# code available to glance over…