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What is maximum file size now? As I can see there are items with more than 500mb, one item is so close to 1gb, but as far as I remember limit is 500mb. Maybe I missed something? I can’t remember if I saw something new on notes.envato.com, VH wiki or here at forums.
So what is file size limit per item? I just want to be sure.


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Absolutely agree it would be great to extend over 500mb. I understand about server size but on the other hand for me it is balance between footage quality and size. So I don’t understand why I can upload 20 items a day 500mb each but can’t upload one item if it is 700mb. By the way week or so ago one of my footage was soft rejected with file size 504mb (so rules are very strong and I updated item). I have many cases my footages are over 500, something about 510 or 550 or even 600. And usially it is boring me to re-encode to keep quality but fit the limit.

I think I found good but very simple solution. Keep 500mb acceptable limit + have 500-1000mb conditionally acceptable limit based on reviewer opinion. Basicly if reviewer see value of the project or footage over 500mb (upto 1gb) he can approve it. If he don’t see value of such size he reject or soft reject with adding reason “I don’t see value for this file to be over 500mb”. It is very easy. Anyway we depend on reviewer opinion and acceptance so just another point where reviewer can decide.

Another idea ! Make size grades based on author sales per item or based on total sales (paw). Initially make acceptable size 500mb as is (or even 300-400) but if author has good sales (per item or total) which mean it is profitable for Envato – limit increasing. For example: Initial 300 mb Sales $100-1000 – 500mb per upload Sales $1000-5000 – 600mb etc

May be more proper counting average sales per Item. For example If author has $1000 sales per item average I think envato will be happy to give this author very big limit in comparison to authors who have hundred of items with only 1-2 sale everage per item (my case btw).

What do you think?

Best Regards, Andrey