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I’m having issues (actually it looks like lots of people are) with the Mearishop Theme. I have read the documentation thoroughly. I have posted comments for the author and I have received replies. Unfortunately, I’m still in need of support, and I’m very short on time to complete this project.

My #1 problem is this: There is a “known issue” with the way the theme displays on iPhone / Ipod. I noticed some comments about the issue before making the purchase, all of which had been replied to by the author w. a response like “we’re working on a fix… should be ready soon…” I believe one or more reply from the author even said it should be resolved within days.

I was curious as to whether or not the issue had been resolved and/or “how bad” the issue was before making the purchase, so I viewed the live demo on an iPod and an iPhone. I didn’t see any issues. The live demo (http://hanatemplate.com/meari/) looked great on the iPod/iPhone and did not appear defective in any way, so I went ahead and made the purchase and started customizing…

I was having trouble with a different issue, so I went back to the comments on the theme page here to browse the comments / replies for helpful information. I noticed that people were still asking when the iPhone fix would be ready (???). I grabbed my iPod, pulled up my site, and it was all kinds of faulty. Basically all of the same issues that were being discussed here in the comments (http://themeforest.net/item/mearishop-a-clean-responsive-ecommerce-theme/discussion/2920813).

I couldn’t figure out why there were still issues, considering there was no problem with the demo site when I had looked at it on the iPhone & iPod prior to making the purchase. I started to panic, thinking that maybe my memory was flawed and that I had not actually tested the demo on the iPhone before the purchase. I gathered an iPod and an iPhone and went back to the live demo… where I found (again) that it works just fine.

...in the meantime, author is still posting that a fix should be available soon. The last comment / reply was as follows:

... our mobile site is a little weird the menu and logo bar over laps the entire page you can barely view the store or any products. Or anything for that matter. How do we fix this???

Www.fetchedge.com (view on iPhone or mobile)

reply I see says “We are now updating our mobile template. So please wait few more days. We are sorry. Regards.” That was 7 days ago, and the issue is months old.

I’m nearing a deadline, and I’ve invested way too much time to drop this theme and start over with a new one.

Any advice / help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.