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That’s not always the case, for example theme sellers often list and promote support as part of their package. By doing this they’re not just selling a single product, they’re also offering a personal service.

Picking one of the latest themes on sale at random the seller also boasts that they will provide purchasers of their theme with general Wordpress help as well as theme support.

For products linked to a service, it would be useful for buyers to know if the author is still active and they will receive the support they have been promised.

+1 if any author has abandoned item support then mentions of support should definitely be removed from the item description.

In this sense the thread makes sense, I’m in full agreement with the ‘support is not mandatory’ method of thinking, but I guess even a green or red light system per item would be useful for both buyers and authors:

Buyers: Red light, you know an author is no longer supporting a theme, but you are able to buy it if you wish knowing this. The item would of course need to be working and correct.

Sellers: Red light, if you needed to for whatever reason, you would have an explicit method of showing ‘this item is not supported’.

The obvious benefits of the green light would be honest support for buyers and potentially a few more sales on green light items for sellers.

There is a problem here though, abuse of the lighting system, obviously this would need to be deliberated upon, but I do think it would be great if a more transparent ‘we provide support’ system like this were implemented, for both buyers and sellers.