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I would like to know if someone here work with 3D or Render, the principle is really simple. There is 4 ambient and for them there are between 10 and 21 options of floors, I need the the pictures with the new options floor applications. Could be something as simple as an Mockup that I could change by myself the texture pattern but I don’t know if it is possible. Just to you see what I mean, would be something like this: http://kronoswiss.esignserver2.com/gallery.do;jsessionid=559E287FF84803458E028574CAF12472 You can click in “Floor” and see the other floor options and on your click it will change the image from the floor to the new pattern. Thank you! Karla
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I could do this if you are interested, do you already have the 4 ambient you want to change the floor?

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Can you clarify a little bit more?

1. Do you have the 3D scene? or need to be created. 2. Do you have the application to run those rendered/images or it need to be created? from what I see is a java script application.

If its just a modeling / texturing / render job you can mail me. I can create the 3D scene and render it with all the floor texture. For programming and build the application I can’t help you. Ask for someone on Code Canyon.

here some of my 3D http://bit.ly/V8ZZ8q


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I can do design as well as coding. Contact by dropping an email on creatives@centerspread.org

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