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Does anyone know of a theme on here, or how much would it cost (roughly) to have the following:

A modeling site where there is a detailed search function. Like the search on this theme only with hair color, eye color, height, area live in, etc…


The result of the search would need to show a thumbnail with a description.

The actual models page would need to have an area where they can have photo sets, minimum one, maximum 15 (maybe more?). It would also need an area for their stats, maybe a booking form.

Would also need a membership feature with payment gateway add on.

And maybe an ecomm feature where people can buy merchandise.

Places where you could implement advertising/banner rotations etc…would be a great add on feature.

Even if anybody out there knows of a few themes on here or codecanyon that can be collaborated/combined to make what I’m looking for. Please let me know. Otherwise give me a rough estimate of what you think it may cost.

email me at skweezd@hotmail.com

cheers Tawnya