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Next year over on Addictive Hobby, we are having a Monthly giveaway & our readers will win some spectacular prizes, in which our sponsors have kindly donated. Now since we are using a template from over here, and I am a member- I would love you guys to participate…. I would be great to have 3 word press templates to giveaway, but of course I need the go ahead from Jeff & as you know Jeff, I have written to you on 3 occasions about this and you still haven’t replied…....so I thought I would drop this into the forum for now & you can add your 2 cents. I have spoken to one of your Authors over here already and this author is interested- so the ball is in your court now Jeff !

The sponsors so far:


The giveaway prizes so far:

5 mega vector packs, 3 standard Wordpress theme packages, signed Images from world renown artists, texture packs, VBulletin license with one years free hosting, 5 GelaSkins for iPhones, and more Vector packs


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Great offer! I would love to sponsor one of my html/css themes, if theybare for any use.

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Hi billybond,

Giveaways or promoting outside products/services/links are not allowed on the forums, just a heads up for the future. Happy Holidays :)