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After a week on Audio Jungle, I am very happy of having sold some items, but I feel very sad too to see that they are not accessible with any search after a few days, because they have rapidly fallen in the 10th pages results and + in a matter of days.

I think it would be very useful for customers and authors to maybe add a few tools to the AJ search engine.

- The BETA related items is a super idea, maybe a row or two of more related items on the page would mutliply many times our chances of exposure

- It would be fun to add more search categories like: sales this month, sales this week, or any method that could provide quality results, but not always the same files

- I would really love a search that would be based on keywords too, maybe that’s already the case but too unsure.

Bring new ideas guys!

My files were sold the minute they appeared on AJ. But another sale soon is less than sure, because people cannot listen to them without going in a 30 minute search… : (

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