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Keyamoon said
Google made a browser and now today, every other browser is trying to imitate everything chrome does/has. The only time I use Firefox is when I want to test for compatibility!

Agreed – I finally made the switch to Chrome for my daily browser as well as completely ported my development workflow and haven’t looked back. The native (vs ff’s non-native extension) front-end development tools are so much better in my opinion. It took a couple days to acclimate, but I doubt I’ll ever go back to ff.

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crozer said
FireFox is going down for me. They used to be so good up until v3+. Now they got hot headed , screwed up, and are trying to fix it by updating their browser every week. -1

I totally agree with you. I also see no sense in this update policy, and they will also loose a lot of companies which switched to FF in the last years. Because of their security policies they can’t make a new roll up every few weeks – they will switch back to IE due to more reliability.

Till yesterday i still used FF 4 , i did’t want upgrade because important plugins aren’t compatible with newer versions of FF. But yesterday in the evening i switched also to Chrome as major browser.

A small story by the way which forced my decision:

As i said i used FF 4 till yesterday. FF 4 has messed up my second theme submission to be approved on TF (beyond other justified reasons), because it missrepresendted paddings and margins of which i was not aware of, because everything looked fine in FF 4 . Before uploading to TF i forgot to check my theme in other browsers (Chrome, IE etc.), which of course is my fault, so i submitted as is. But thanks to the reviewer, with second rejection i received, i got screenshots where i recognized these padding issues. After recheck by myself i saw these design-breaks, that i didn’t see in FF4 . And that really annoyed me, so i finally decided to switch to Chrome.

-1 …bad Firefox!