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Hey everyone! My name is Tim and I’m from AudioJungle.

First, I just want to thank the authors who I’ve had the pleasure to work with from VideoHive / be a part of their projects as they’ve used my music throughout 2010. I only started uploading in August this year and was very quickly featured in a few projects that really helped me attract a lot more business both on and off AudioJungle…. so thank you so much, you all know who you are!!! The steady stream of work and features continue.

So now, the point of this post:

Like many of you do I’m sure, I start planning for certain projects weeks, even months ahead of time. Right now I am thinking about the first few months of 2011 and wanted to ask if there are any particular genres or types of music THAT HAVE VOCALS , that you’ve maybe been looking for or wanted for a while to create a project, but haven’t been able to find?

Specifically concerning vocals, are they any particular subjects, themes or ideas you’ve been looking to be covered? Also the same thing for the genres – is there a genre or type of music you’ve wanted but it hasn’t been available?

There is a lot of music on AudioJungle, but not so many music tracks that also have full length vocals in them… and as I see them becoming more and more in demand (especially from the profile e-mails I get), so for now that is where my focus is personally.

As you know, sometimes the song sells the project….and sometimes the projects sells the song. Other times it goes both ways. Working together between the two marketplaces was just a genius idea, and I’m glad to see it’s continuing – and VERY thankful to be apart of it!

Anyway, if there is anything specific you’ve been looking for and haven’t found, leave it on this thread! Of course I may not choose something posted, or you may not like the direction I’ve taken an idea with the music, but I thought it was at least worth a shot to try and increase all of our profits with some teamwork!....Plus, I am assuming some other AJ authors will discover the post and it will benefit them to know what you’re looking for as well :)

Thanks again everyone!