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I was asking for some help just some time (hours) ago, here:


so… i started the tutorial, but never finished it…. and at same time i test some things, and now i’m able to build a theme options panel… or something like that.

Just see this (it´s working really!!):

The panel is a dashboard widget (i guess), once you active the plugin, it´s ready to save the options.

I made all into multidimensional arrays, so, i need to add just a line of code to add some new option field to the form, and also to the ddbb.

What you think???

Its a good idea to have a panel there to put some custom theme options? This could be loaded via plugin or into the functions.php for the theme… it´s same thing.

As you can see i also remove the rest of the dashboard widgets (i don´t need them at all) And i change via css many things. Ah, the menu items are created using magic-fields, that´s why i have many custom menues.

pd: one thing i couldn´t was to add a custom jquery function on the footer. I was able to include the js, same as i did with css, but for some reason, the jquery didn´t works. I also used a no-conflict approach, just in case, but no success…. any ideas?