My friend is in the UK X Factor finals and needs a website, can you help?

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A friend of mine is in the final 12 and the live shows start this Saturday and go on till mid december. The show is huge in the UK it gets millions of viewers per show and all the newspapers feature stories from it everyday (a couple of years ago Leona Lewis won it).

She is almost guaranteed a number one single as she has recorded with the other finalist a song for charity “Hero” Mariah Carey which is released later this month.

She has asked me to do her a website. The website will be a personal website about her with photos maybe videos, a guestbook of some kind, contact page and anything else that maybe relative.

Could any one out there help me with it, maybe help change one of their files to fit the website. I will pay for it first on Flashden. Obviously she is my friend and I am not charging for it, if anyone helped they would be credited for their work with links to contact them for work. As the website will get a lot of traffic.

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Hi, please drop me a line through and all the details about what you need on that site. I’m sure i can help you out.

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I might be able to… You can contact me at

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