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First of all: sorry for my english but I’m learning.

Hi Guys,

I have a proposal to improve ThemeForest, and mental health of its designer (We Workers).

You should create rules: clear, precise, logical and based on criteria of quality ’, to be approved at ThemeForest.

Example: typography, alignments, Harmony space layout, and more, But practical criteria, why not just be “Rejected” for reasons unclear, and subjective thoughts of the reviewer.

This should be a free market and democratic, based on actual law.

If you have harmony, unique design, tipography alignments and, in a unique templates can not Rejected because with few features compared to other templates in the market (of course mine is a popular idea that should be investigated).

The problem is in single Desginer, which surely will not sell ‘a lot, But we can not deprive him of the opportunity’ to be visible on ThemeForest, if your template graphics meet criteria of quality ’. Why? because it is not right.

It is also wrong for customers. There may be many customers who would buy template “theoretically” Rejected. Customers with personal needs, they want that particular “structure”, etc.. etc.. Many good answers.

Everything ‘that is unique, should be accepted on ThemeForest, all work unique and fulfilling these criteria. It should create icons, tags, to specify the quality ‘of work. ThemeForest is actually ‘too big, to have a decision subjective.

Of course, a common template and beautiful, but lacking some features will have to ‘be assessed less money, But to be accepted, if a work unique.

The mere offer a unique design is a service offered to customers. Because a customer can ‘decide to buy a template with a few functions to $ 8, (why can’ please the customer that single design), rather than buy a $ 17 template, with many functions, but a design that “subjectively” customer does not like much.

This is the consequence of limiting the market. We must create policies “practical” and make room for everyone. Of course stress and obviously, you should create research services to enhance the work with more ‘prestige.

This is my thinking and I hope someone will share. I love ThemeForest and love better, but we must also improve the policy approvals and market philosophy.

Please, you respond with constructive comments.

Kind Regards, Aldema

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I would much rather they uphold the quality aspect that has been existing from before magento than allow my rejected themes to be available, despite their uniqueness etc.

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Once Magneto-gate has finished, I’m sure it’ll settle down again although I have seen some more showing up on the front pages again. It’s frustrating, but hey these are teething problems I guess.