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You know, friends, first of all i’m too old for facebook :) that’s something for the generation after me
Dude, my mother in law is on Facebook… :D
Yes Mat! and you have Twitter! Plus my Nan, who is 66, has FB, an ipad etc so you are never too old ;) Also, are you even old Mat? How old? Reveal! :)
o.k. reveal here and now: 4 decades, so i could be your father :D .
But of course the age is just a excuse :) The truth is: I have A HEAP of emails to answer everyday, i got a website, a own business (Studio & Audio Consulting), Twitter and a time consuming hobby (AJ) in which i would like to invest even more (keep high quality & more uploads). But most of all I have a wonderful family i like to spend time with. If I would seriously take care of FB account, that would request some sacrifice somewhere else. That’s the real reason i don’t want it :)