Need artist who can draw the human form - and animate them for exercise movements :)

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Hi guys, I’m looking for someone who can make a 3D modelling of a generic male and female body type

Something like what you see here -


It is for a website I am developing for myself as I’m a personal trainer. And I want to show all the different exercises using a generic model rather than doing a photoshoot with a guy or girl like everyone else does.

So I need this generic model and then I need it also with simple 3-4 second animations of them doing various exercises movements. There would be max 100 short animations, 100 different exercises in the library.

I would need them done in the Female form and as well as the male form.

Anyone interested or can do this or done something similar? Please get in touch with a generic quote also.


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Yes, i know a person here who can do that for you. He is a 3D Animator and Mesh Builder. Please send me a detailed brief what do you need exactly, where this animation will be published etc…