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I paid a profesional wordpress coder to convert my html template into a wordpress version.

But the reviewer did not accept the wordpress version. So I paid a lot of money for nothing :( Now I decided to ask some new expert – like you – to improve my templates.

Here is the message from the reviewer:

“We understand your concerns, let me point out a few issues so you can improve it:

1. The main menu will need a revamp, right now it looks odd the it doesn’t scream premium http://cl.ly/A19h also check the alignment of the slider navigation.

2. The typography in this section needs improvements. http://cl.ly/A2d0

3. The portfolio area looks quite simple and incomplete.

4. Typography consistency + proper spacing http://cl.ly/A2P5

5. The contact form needs improvements in terms of aesthetics.

The main problem with your theme is the lack of features and options that it’ll help this to stand out among the marketplace’s files.”

If you could do this improvements write me and of course tell me how much I have to pay you.

Thanks and Greetings

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Hi! We’re ready to take this up! I can render our top professional designers to work with your needs,. Care to see their works? Let me know.

Hit me an email at marie {at} wickedinnovations {dot} com. Hoping to hear from you.

Thanks :)