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I want to use the Fancy Product plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-product-designer-woocommerce-plugin/6318393 for an embroidery option on a WooCommerce website that sells linens, towels, etc. The plug-in developer – radykal – is working on the next release so he’s unable to do the customization and suggested I find someone else here.

The product itself doesn’t need any modification. It only needs different integration into the workflow.

Right now, in order to use the plug-in for the embroidery option, every product has to be a “Fancy Product”, which means embroidery is NOT an option. The product IS an embroidered item. I want this plug-in to be the a product add-on (i.e. http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-add-ons/ ) which is essentially an attribute that adds additional cost to a simple product. I can easily use the Product Add-On WooCommerce extension to add an option called “Add Embroidery” for $15, but it will not allow the customer to design that option using Fancy Product unless they go to a stand-alone product page with Fancy Product (priced at $15) and add that design as a separate product to the cart.

Ideally, the Fancy Product plug-in would be initiated by clicking on an “Add Embroidery – $15” button for example. The user then creates their design and saves it. When they add the product (towel, robe, linen, etc.) to their cart, the Fancy Product design is added as a line item (option) to that product (again, just like the Product Add-On plug in works).

This customization doesn’t even need the Product Add-On extension. There could be a simple button on the product page that brings up the Fancy Product design screen and when that design is saved, it is added to the cart WITH the product, not as a separate product.

Hopefully this makes sense. Need to get this done now.


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I’m interested. Please send your details to my profile ( http://themeforest.net/user/manikandans )

Thanks, Mani

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I have read and understand your requirements , I will customize the woocommerce plugin to add $15 with price by clicking Add Embroidery button, as per your need in pixel perfect manner

Feel free to ask any question

here is my profile ( http://themeforest.net/user/adeey )

Looking to your response

Thanks adnan