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mafloral thanks for telling me that the website does not work

Now the error is resolved.

If you can open the template on Chrome or Mozilla better, cause IE has some bugs that were gonna resolve later when we have the final template.

My new Domain is: http://fotodeco.site90.com

Once again thanks!!


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Progressing nicely. Are you gonna make a styled scroller for the pages? Now it’s using the native scroller and it really throws the look off.


I think the menu needs deeplinking since it’s a one page template use the content switch and give each section a page id so you can separate the links to each section.

I think there is way too much space on top above the page title.

I would have put in a slider instead of just an image maybe nivo or anything slider so you could insert images or videos.

Under the content where the 2 columns are add a divider line to separate the content from the Productions content.

The copyright and social icons spacing from the edge of the screen is not equal.

About us :

Not enough space under the divider line. Same thing for the scroller as the home page.


Maybe it’s just me but to me the hover animations are really choppy.


The arrow that slides out the recent posts i would make a little tab button on the right side of the screen instead of the left on the content background.


Line up the contact from with the map also the address i would float it on the left not in the center because the titles do not line up and it looks weird having them in the center.

I think the contact form fields are skinny in height.

The supersized slider is ok no problems with that.

Also try to resize the window from a fullscreen to a mall window all the content resizes and all the content gets squished and eventually disappear. I would use the resize for only the background slider but not for the whole page and it’s contents. You have to set some of the elements to a fixed position like the copyright info and also the footer bg.

Sorry if i sound harsh but i think there is still a lot of work to do to get it excepted on TF. Honestly i think you should reconsider the way the template resizes the content like i said i would only use it on the background slider not for the inner content.

Cheers man


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Maybe part of the reason they are rejecting it is because its not compatible with all browsers? When I look at the link, the only thing I see is a solid, completely black, mostly blank page with a very small logo at the bottom-middle of the page that says FotoDeco and the words “HTML Template” with a small pretty line in between. I see no photos, no navigation menu or anything else…. ?