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I’m quite new on messing around with expressions so please bare with me here :) So I’m building this new video template which holds up to 50+ Footage placeholders, be it videos or images.

All these place holders(which are compositions) are moving randomly in 3D space with the usage of this expression:

x = value [0] + time * 13;
y = value[1] + time * 8;
z = value[2] + time * 10;


Ofcourse I can change those last numbers for each of the placeholders to make every placeholder move continiously and randomly in 3D space. But since I have 50+ placeholders, no one would be bothered to change all 50 of them manually.

But what if I want to link/parent all of my placeholders to one slider control which is enabled on another layer.

I want to be able to adjust the slider control to any value to make all of my placeholders change all their orientation values randomly and different from eachother.

Is this possible? I’m so new at this that I don’t even know where to begin :shocked:

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Hey Glorious… Can you post this in the Expressions Thread? We’re trying to keep all expressions stuff in one place. I’ll lock this.