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I am recommended to address this question in this forum by Envato Support:

I need help for someone to review this “Directory” by AIT- themes on my server. It looks like this theme developer has blocked my last three or four communications without reply or explanation. I have had issues with the header for some times regarding adding more than 2 social media links in the header. ( Since Sept 2013 ). After a few delayed communications, they asked if I could ” update the file in ./templates/snippets/branding-header.php –

    you need to close it with
but this closing tag is inside the
    ” I am not an expert and do not know where I can fix this. Still the problem continues because, I cannot add more than two social media icons in the admin panel of the header. I saw once on your site, some developers are offering the service of fixing themes; can you recommend any? I cannot seem to find the previous links ? I need a second opinion if this theme can be repaired and cost. I have redone clean install as suggested and updated the theme many times. but the problem persists. Once we figure this out I will try to send my feedback with proper knowledge to the theme developer.

    Let me know what information you require to help with this.

    Looking forward to feedback