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The worst thing you can do at GR is to design party flyers. I have seen clipart quality items accepted and really nice flyers by silver paw authors rejected – it’s a lottery.

Sometimes you get told your stuff is all to similar, then you see portfolios of other guys who reuse the same fonts and design elements over and over so that every flyer is the exact same except for colours …

I think there are probably just too many flyers getting aubmitted. It’s a huge heap of stuff and they just sieve through it quickly … personally that’s not worth my time. In fact it’s probably easier to just crate 15 flyers which are all the same and hope that 3 make it through rather than invest huge amounts of time in a great item which then gets rejected ….

Other sections do seem more consistent. If you look at corporate brochures and annual reports for example there’s a ton of quality work there and I hardly find anything sub-par.

What also worries me is that when you visit the homepage these days it looks like GR is a clipart market. All you get are silly renders and vectors – which granted, can be useful. But a while back when you visited the frontpage you were wowed by quality design – now it’s just vectors of hearts or renders of squares … quite underwhelming. There is of course still a lot of quality, but it disappears in all the masses of clipart…



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I am also disappointed with the review team. I am trying to find actually what they want, what were the advice for those rejection. I also saw/seen some SUPER POOR work thats they are accepting, whats going on??

Reviewer’s Soft Rejection Reason: If you’re unsure how to proceed and need further feedback, you might consider asking for input from other community members and designers via our forums. (My opinion, Why should I post this in the forum for feedback? Couldn’t you give the suggestion?)

Reviewer’s Soft Rejection Reason: Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any existing marketplace item.

Sorry & forgive me if i write something wrong here… :’(

These are stunning flyers with great 3D assets man. The only thing i could think of is the simple type treatment in the Dancefloor Flyer. Maybe you could make that more detailed.

But overall great design! Should be approved imo.

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I look at it this way. My last two items have been reviewed by the same reviewer. I’ve received tough love both times. Soft rejections, but soft rejections accompanied by advice and insight that has actually made me a better designer. I took it as a challenge to become even better. So I appreciated it. Don’t know what’s going to happen with the two I’m waiting on, but regardless of the outcome, I feel my job is to knock them off of their feet. At least for me, that ideology keeps me hungry!! By the way, yours, Shemul’s and Indusrtykidz designs looked fantastic. But, I’m not a Reviewer…so what do I know:)