need some help on setting up a project (application and web design)

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Hi all,

I had a request from the customer who is looking to set up a little network, connecting mobile devices to website.

Very basic details: he has several shops, each shop would have a tablet, the only think this tablet is supposed to do is boot and access a certain part of a global website where shop specific data is stored.

So on the one hand we need something which turns a tablet/mobile phone (no preference over android or IOS ) into a simple access device. On the other hand we need a website but holds many store specific sections which will be accessed by the respective axis devices.

I think that the latter, the website, is probably straightforward. I’m not so sure about the mobile devices. How would you suggest to tackle this?

1) can I simply boot straight into an app which automatically connect and logs into a certain section of our website? 2) can I just use any mobile device in its default state and limit a web browser to only accessing one specific section of one specific website? 3) Maybe it’s easiest to simply use the mobile device as is and write a quick browser application which automatically logs onto a certain section of my website?

Any tips would much appreciated. Plain English would also be good, as I have to explain this to the customer :)

Please contact me through my profile page with any ideas/approximate pricing or any other comments.