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I had a wp site built for my wife’s business (www.barbwade.com). I really like the way it looks. (the sidebar on subpages is a great look!)

Unfortunately, they custom coded it with PHP so her assistant can’t change much of anything. And they did not use a responsive theme as a basis so it does not work on mobile devices, etc.

They claim that the design we want was impossible with any customizable theme (they also charged us a lot for the php coding).

My question is, can anyone take a look at the site and suggest a theme that might create the same thing, but be responsive and changeable? It does not have to look exactly like it does now, but she really likes the “unboxed” full width look and she wants the functionality, such as the sliders in the 4 columns, etc.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Hey there!

Sorry nobody has replied sooner.

I have done a quick search for ‘full width’ templates and themes and the two that look like they may be able to work with your wife’s criteria are:

http://themeforest.net/item/strange-modern-portfolio-wordpress-theme/537711 http://themeforest.net/item/radius-responsive-wordpress-theme/1846727

Hope this information is useful!

Sam :)

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Hello, I want to create a web site. Does Envato have any theme for me you could advice? The things I need to: * It will be a social web site. Members can share anything they want such as photo, text, video or just a link. * Visitors can be a member by their social accounts such as Google+, FaceBook, Twitter or without all of them. * Members can customize their timelines. If they don’t want to see someones shares, he/she can turn it off. * And I must have an admin panel like yours (Social Admin Template). Thanks in advance…