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I have had a really hard problem trying to locate a good theme, when I find one on this site that you think will do, I have found that you purchase it, you download and install it, and start to move your site to it, when you have the site builkt you start to find things that are lacking, and then you have to rely on the support for the theme to help with your problems.

I have found that this falls into two distinctive categories, the first being great support, but you end up finding out that they are not interested in adding a feature that you need, or finding out why a plugin will not work with the theme that we as a client requires. And even after this the support is great, because what I term as great is useful, quick (very important), and does not mean that you have to keep chasing them due to an inadequate support system.

The second I have found is associated with the better themes, the themes that almost seem tailor made to our needs, this issue here is that the support is terrible, the theme can be truly wonderful, but there is no support at all, or totally lacking, or that you have to wait sometimes a month or two to get an answer, the support system they use seems to be totally inadequate, or maybe they are just one person and have found that the theme has outgrown there time, but instead of getting more help from somewhere, they would rather just annoy clients by not answering their support queries or making them wait for days, weeks and months to help out the end user, and depending on the problems, it could mean that a company’s website will look very unprofessional until the issue is fixed, something that is affecting the end use.

What would be good is if you could add another rating system that will not only rate the theme itself, but rate the support or lack off…

I just want a good theme with support that does not mean I have to wait over a week for an answer!

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Envato team

Hi James,

Thank you for taking the time to write this, but there are a few things that might need added clarification:

-The items are sold “As is”, there is no mention of required functionality being added by the Author once an item is purchased.

-Support is not mandatory, although most of our Authors are really dedicated and often provide it, but custom work does not fall under “Support” to begin with.

-You have the opportunity to ask about any functionality, plugin compatibility and everything that might come to mind, via the item comments section prior to purchasing an Item.

Hope this helps :) Moved to > Site Feedback