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VOIP Website Design

I need a website design for offering complete VOIP Solutions as follows: Only Pages with information and Banners.

1. Wholesale VOIP 2. Business PBX VOIP a. Hosted PBX b. IP Centrex c. SIP Trunking 3. Residential VOIP 4. Reseller/Wholesaler 5. Call Center VOIP 6. Calling Cards VOIP a. Calling Cards b. CallBack 7. Call Shop VOIP 8. DIDs 9. VOIP Phones a. IP Phones b. PC Softphone c. Mobile Softphone 10. Contact Us

I want the look and feel to be nice, clean and clear. The site will allow users to signup and sign in as well. We’ll Provide Signup API which will open options in Iframe which needs to be setup as signup page cleanly. For Signin there will be separate Links. I am looking for complete website design and implementation which should include Banners, Pages and i just have an option to add content.

I need all sections in Tabs and then sub section or sub pages should be under that tab. For example look how following website has 2 tabs.


sipgate basic (residential VOIP) sipgate team (Business VOIP)

but i don’t like the look of above mentioned website.

Front Page should have news section, Top Routes Section with prices, Live Support option should be visible to every page Toll Free Number should be visible on every page

Designs that I like:


Website that i like:


It will need to have at least two levels of navigation. I do like the concept of top tabs and sub links underneath.

I am looking for a designer/developer to come up with the font/navigation/branding and color scheme and make a full product.

  1. Deliverable

First I will need screenshots with concepts (you can water mark them if you wish)

There will probably be a few going back and forth till we come up with the final design.

Website should be responsive design which allows users to open in any browser, Tablet or Mobile.

Fully Functional Website SEO Ready which allows us to do SEO on it later.

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I’m interested. Please contact me on nikpletikos@gmail.com.

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Interested! Contact me through my profile page.

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We have good track record on WordPress. Please check our profile at http://profiles.wordpress.org/opensourcetech/.

You can also check our portfolio at http://opensourcetechnologies.com/portfolio.html. We’ll be able to allocate a full time WordPress developer to you.

Feel free to contact on skype, we would discuss about the project.

Regards, Kamal Kishore

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I am professional Developer and Designer. I have recently completed to VOIP systems by using PILVO api.

One system allows admin to add clients and then clients can add users for call. This system has strong reporting system to manage calls and prices.

Other system allows clients to add mp3 recorded messages and allows bulk calls. I can show you their demo if you contact me my email.

Both systems have custom jquery calculator to count calls to each user and its price for each customer.


I can design your site with required look and feel. Please send me your email id so I can share my portfolio with you.