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I have a few questions about somethings. I’m trying to write my item description while working on my theme. I’m just trying to design a beautiful item description page with images and lists, so I’m curious to know if the “Description” area accepts HTML or BBC?

Also, I read that Documentation must be provided. Does a link to a webpage suffice, or must I include written documentation with the item?

My final question is I’m torn as what to do for support. I don’t have a support forum, nor an interest in setting one up. I don’t want to rely on emails, because the amount of mail I get is absurd, and I don’t want to overlook anyone who needs help. Any suggestions on how I can provide support for my work?


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yes, you may use basic html tags in description (ul, img, strong, h1 etc).

You will need to include documentation file (whether it is html or pdf) into the folder along with template files–link to external page is not enough, the document must be inside the folder.

Support forum is naturally up to you, however, item comment box and emails are enough too (unlikely you will overlook an email because all of them are subjected identically: “[ThemeForest] Message sent via your marketplace profile from xxxusername”–you will recognize it immediately among other emails). For comments you may set up an application notifying about new comments or simply look through the comment box daily.

Wish you good luck with your theme submission!

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Hi Xarcell, Welcome to this amazing community.

1) You can use some HTML5 stuffs in the item description page (as virtuti said). Moreover, if you have any infographics or promotional images such as Icons specifying theme features etc. then you may use Dropbox to store them and link the images to your item info page. Also keep in mind that your images and graphics should be small in file size as possible – should be used wisely as it should not eat up the bandwidth (of Envato) :)

2) You must include documentation inside the download pack. You may create HTML based documentation or you can create PDF file. Please note Envato doesnt allow any text files or MS word documents inside the pack – these should be PDF

3) Support is not mandatory on TF. But please understand every buyer will expect good support. If you provide good support you can get recurring clients. If you are planning to sell WordPress themes then you better provide a support forum (this will solve a lot of questions by itself). For example, we keep 2 types of support – For HTML5 themes we check messages sent via TF contact form. For WP themes we have support forum.

Good luck for you on Themeforest :)