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The latest WP Theme with BuddyPress is selling quite well.

Anyone else think that BuddyPress Themes are the next big opportunity here on Themeforest?

Regards, Sean Sr.

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I think it would be a good addition as well as adding a bbpress support theme category(once the WordPress plugin gets out of beta) but if I can recall right I swear I saw an article that buddy press was talking about going standalone or integrating with another CMS … I can’t find an article though so I may be wrong

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Uh, I think that’s because Salutation is an awesome theme, not because of buddypress, but I don’t know.

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I’m actually against this idea because it would pigeon hole the theme. If anything it can be a tag. Just try searching this site for “BuddyPress” and you’ll instantly find all of the themes which support it.

I think it would greatly decrease sales and goes in a bad direction making categories based on plugin capability. Also, the theme works just fine without BuddyPress so it doesn’t make sense to categorize it by an optional feature. At most a new category for “Social Media” or “Community” could be added. This is more generic and can cover topics like BuddyPress, Mingle (the plugin not my theme), etc. Especially since there is more than one social network plugin out there for WordPress.