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It would be awesome to add an option to select between SD and HD version of preview

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Does it looks like they implemented watermark removal tool? lol. Or automatic preview downloader from Vimeo/youtube? :-) Best Regards, Andrey
Lol … what if you knew my project was first soft rejected, then after changing a bunch of things in the project and preview, it was approved, but the preview in beta html5 player didn’t update, and i reported that when the player was in beta! now i guess they have used the vimeo version to fix this! if i had not reported it, guess what, a preview of my project for the age of soft rejection would be the main preview! :D

Then It sounds logical. Looks like they forget to implement reencoded preview update if author change preview.

Best regards, Andfey

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Very happy to see VideoHive updating their player to support HTML5, never liked the slow flash player. The performance so far is great and am looking forward to the H.264 upload option when it’s released! Finally, no more exporting .FLV.

I wish they would do away with the watermark though, I can’t see it helping them that much. Authors usually upload non-watermarked versions to YouTube/Vimeo anyways. If anything, it just makes the preview look uglier ;) Now for AudioJungle, I can understand why the watermark would be essential. Maybe that’s just me!