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I think the forums are very helpful to both customers and authors. It allows customers to ask support questions, site questions, and allows them to communicate with authors.

Yes all of these can be achieved on the item page but we all know it does happen sometimes.

It allows authors to ask staff questions about their file, generate feedback from other authors.

Staff can talk to customers about the site, their files, and suggestions.

The forums integration is also excellent, with RSS Feeds and profile linkage.

Some downfalls of this forum is it don’t fell like a forum. Why is there an off topic forum? If you post in there two things happen.

One – You get flamed for not ‘being serious’ Two – You get no replies.

This bothers me why is this a forum if you can not have off topic discussions.

I propose that Envato makes the forums more defined. More Categorical.

An Example Forum Layout

Envato Site Board

News FAQ Feedback


Template Help Buying Help Authors Help forum Presale Questions

.... etc for each site then


General Talk Envato Profile Customization

I hope you guys understand what I am saying.

Invison Power Board, and phpBB are great. But I understand some challenges envato will face like the profile linkage.

But envato is filled with brillant minds and I am sure they could figure it out.

Thanks for reading, Freddy

What do you think about this idea?

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Envato team

Some good thoughts.