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Because of new sponsors we are in the need of a new theme for our charity classifieds listing site. Its a general classifieds listing site but 50% of the listing fee goes to a charity (of choice).

So I am in the need of a module with the following specifications:

- Theme colour: Green & white. - Round - Several adsense places - At the botom area for 5 sponsor logo’s - Jquery login box, after login the username and some info will appear.

Great examples I like: -,com_bestoftemplate/task,detail/Itemid,46/id,1303/ -

The site I like the most: -

The following page’s layout

  • – The homepage (newest ads, random ads, categories, menu, login box, banner’s
  • The page of the listing itself | Listing details (Several Jquery tabs incl. tab to General description, Make an Offer, Send a message, Ask a question)
  • Category browse page (page with the categories and a overview of the listings of that category)

Price: Because we are a charity site we dont have a really big budget, so to compensate the slightly lower price your name incl. link to your page will be included in the footer of the website.