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Stylius said
do you post on any blog or something?

Hi Alex, thanks for the kind words, but I didn’t write the tips above. Decided to paste them here, as they already do a great job in condensing and explaining some of my own experience and advice. But yes, mostly ghostwriting.

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I am a serial entrepreneur and experienced a lot things.

Bookkeeping is the most important thing… Good accounting is a must never forget.

Also you can earn a lot money.. but you shouldn’t think that you will always earn that a lot, just save the money you got.

Also analyzing and feasibilitation is also so important.

Good Luck!

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Hi guys and thank you for your input.

@CLINE123 I am starting a digital agency.

@Dzinc Awesome reply! Thank you for bring all those topics up. Great help!

I am really looking forward to this new reality, but I’m kind of afraid. I’ll have to quit my job wich is always kind of scary, but I am sure this is really the right thing to do.

Thank you for the tips guys!

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I work in a startup company, and I can tell you that you can expect fails, and you can expect great moments.

Important thing is that you have prepared money for your first year, something like investment in your own company.

If you have great product that people will love you will experience success.



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theRiviera said
...@CLINE123 I am starting a digital agency…
My advice:
  • Define EXACTLY who you are marketing to
  • Assess your direct competitors who are already established in those markets
  • Develop a marketing plan to reach each of your market segments
  • Aim to own your niche and carve your own brand
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My recommendation, mostly on the begining: be patient.
Finally, if you keep on working by yourself for long, think that in most of the cases, free time will be more valuable than any amount of money. This sounds easy to understand, but after more than 10 years freelancing, can promise is really difficult to manage.

Boa sorte! ;)

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+1 Dzinc and pezflash’s tips, sums up everything.

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Here’s one tip that is key and has helped me double my business every year for the past 4 years: “The customer is always right”

Whenever I come a cross a difficult person to deal with, I remember this saying and do my best to make them happy. Sometimes it means less profit for me short term, but those are the customers that are the first to tell their friends about me.

Good luck and have a great day!

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theRiviera, if you will start an agency, I have 3+ years of experience with Vuzum, and I can share some advices:

To Do:

1. Have money set aside. You will need them.
2. Make sure you hire the best people you can afford.
3. Fight for every good client. Fire the bad clients. (you better keep a good developer, than a bad client)
4. As you are ready to quit your job, I must ask this – do you have enough work to keep you up until 3AM every day already? If not, you might want to reconsider giving up the job, and trying to get projects first. It’s a very competitive market.
5. Give-up on Flash, or at least don’t focus on it with the agency. Flash projects are rare or dead, or underpaid. It’s the fruit. :)
6. Buy macs. You won’t believe how much development time will save.
7. If you followed #6, practice with some mobile apps. It’s the trend and you’ll get a lot of requests.
8. Move to USA or UK. There’s a lot of big clients there, and the competitiveness of our pricing, combined with the strong passion and skills of Europeans are pure gold. (it’s still on my list)
9. Might not seem important at first, but.. get an amazing name, there’s a lot of stupid people calling their company “bestwebdesigncompany”. Riviera would have been good, but I see .com is taken, and you need a .com (and a .whateverthecountryyouopenthebusinessin)
10. Get good hosting – MediaTemple kind of sucks. We’d pick Rackspace or Hostgator if we’d have to do it again.
11. Fill your company’s free time with internal projects (also known as start-ups or incubator ideas). You never know.
12. Build an amazing portfolio.


1. Build a business plan.
2. Focus on legal stuff just yet (not important when you first start).

A little history
Vuzum was founded in 2008 and we’re now a team of 8, with two offices, one in Spain and one in Romania. It’s going well. :)

Hope this helps. You can always get in touch by email when you need advice, or plan to collaborate on amazing projects.