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Have fun :)

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yeah it’s on our list of places to go before we’re 30, got a couple of years yet (27) but circumstances stopped us travelling elsewhere so New York here we come (soon) :D

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Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, use the subway, Top of the Rock, 9/11 memorial, Apple store pilgrimage.

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New York is very impressive, very well pass it sure … have fun!!!!!8)Have a nice trip!!!! ;)

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Envato team

What week are you going to be in town. If I’m free I’ll come into the city and hang out. Made a short list of things you should try and do while you’re here.

  • Eat some NY pizza. I’d suggest Grimaldi’s, they have a spot right in Manhattan, but I prefer their Brooklyn location. Feel like the pizza’s slightly better and it’s directly under the Brooklyn Bridge so you can also see that while you’re there.
  • If you like art, you can’t go wrong visiting The MET
  • Go to a Yankee game in the Bronx or a Mets game in Queens
  • If it’s still somewhat warm while you’re here you can check out Coney Island
  • Ride the 7-train and/or the Staten Island Ferry
  • Check out Little Italy and/or China Town
  • Buy your lady a knockoff designer bag on Canal St
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Go to PS1 if you’re into cool art installations and stuff! It’s an off-shoot of MoMA and is super fun. Also – museum of natural history!

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lol @Mark advocating the purchase of dubious goods lol.

Making me wanna go now !!

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Moma. Great museum

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I was in NY earlier this year and if you like art, MET is definetly the best museum (i didnt like MoMa at all). You can walk your way to Met through central park which is beautiful. Also while on 5th ave, make sure to visit fao schwarz toy store just because its awesome!

Top of the rock, statue of liberty, empire state, and pretty much all of the city pass stuff are nice as well.

For cheap and yummy food, china town is definetly the place to go. Metro card is not that expensive if you buy the 5 or 7 week one.

Also, if feeling adventureous, go to brooklyn,. i found the best restaurants there.

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Buy your lady a knockoff designer bag on Canal St

If that’s what people want, then they should go to Istanbul instead :P:D