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This is the second theme we’re trying to get approved: http://inkberry.puremellow.com/

We got a rejection for
Your template does not provide a unique enough design with the necessary design quality, features and options to compete in the marketplace at this time. As higher quality templates become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

You might consider improving your design with more unique features and graphics in order for it to stand out among other marketplace items. However, a unique design will be a key factor for approval.

I know it’s frustrating to be rejected citing uniqueness but recently, we’ve gotten a large number of template with the same overall features and presentation and we have to draw the line somewhere.

And it’s true. It is very, very frustrating citing uniqueness.

We’re trying to create clean Wordpress themes, that would differentiate from the bulk of bloatware that the marketplace currently has – by not having our own page builder, or gazzilion shortcodes or crazy stock photo people with unlimited fonts.

What do you think?
Was the theme rejected for “not unique enough design” or “not enough features” ? If it’s the latter, how much features is enough to get approved into Themeforsest ?

Currently it is very confusing to us whether the rejection says that we need more features, better design, “more unique design” or all of that.

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I am new here and in your shoes, but I might can give you some feedback. Overall I like your clean design, the typo and the spacing, all I can say is:

- Try maybe a more decent background, maybe a soft pattern or just a color. - Why a radiant on the buttons when the design is somehow flat? - The slider arrows are hard to see - Maybe try to play around with the text shadows, its a bit to heavy for my eyes I think - The Footer is not complete in line I think

just some points you might consider.

have a great day! :)

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What would you see if you hide the images and videos in there?

Let me tell you:
  • not clear enough spacing concept
  • not good enough headings, your images lead instead of headings
  • in most cases the images are way to big, consider mobiles with slow connection