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Exactly, 45-50 mins of walking/running/biking each day is what you guys need :) And it will make you even more productive because you will have more energy.

Hey there!
I do go to gym daily and even got me a personal trainer to get my back muscles (and other places :whistle: ) well build and strong. I couldn’t even survive this job without that physical and mental outlet :sing: Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be enough.
I guess it also comes down to your body type, shape and bone structure or whatever when it comes to how prone you are for back pain. Some survive on a PVC for 12 years :sarcasm: while I cannot pass half a year on my boss chair.

Tell me about it :)

I recently purchased a back massager that I’ll use if I’m feeling the onset of pain and it’s been working pretty well.

You sold me at “massager” – what did you get? Do you have a link maybe? I’d appreciate it a lot!

Thanks so much again!

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Envato team

I got this one – http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/icomfort-icomfort-hand-held-massager-ic0943-white-ic0943/10233073.aspx?path=5877a7d0092289d13ddf428b6fbd4d8ben02

It’s a bit of a beast but I like that I can hold it over my shoulder and it reaches down to my lower back. The two massage knobs work great for massaging on each side of the spine as well.

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I got this one:

Coupled with a Logitech trackball to avoid wrist issues:

Best ergonomic setup so far for me. :)