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2. Please try to keep in mind that you’re making an assumption about our standards based on what you see from the front of the marketplace. There are many aspects to reviewing items and many reasons for approving/rejecting items that go beyond design or code, many of which you just can’t see unless you were to actually purchase the item.

Could you please expand on this?

I mean if there’s more aspects to approving or rejecting items other than just design and code, wouldn’t it be better for submitters to know about these aspects? Therefore letting submitters avoid pitfalls and making the review process easier for everyone?

If Envato wants to come off as the marketplace that’s too busy, or that’s “just too silly” to care about anybody except for its bread and butter users… then they have the right to be that way…

There are several authors here that will testify to the fact that we spend a significant amount of time, above and beyond what is necessary, to help our buyers and authors. Many of the authors I have declined work from and whom initially hated me, are now quite successful and understand the review process from a different perspective. This is because I provided more support and help than was required. I don’t think this marketplace projects what you’ve stated above.

But at least take the time in the response to give the correct feedback… because the response I received was, and I quote, “Unfortunately, due to our high standards, your template has been declined.” NOT “The issue was on more of a marketplace scale for concern of these particular types of templates and this particular category.”... With all due respect, to me it seems the thought in rejection response was “half assed”, “brushed aside” and “Ah, who cares”. That to me is not only disturbing, but also saddening for the future of the marketplace…
The review of your item was a somewhat unique situation and I may have worded the review message rather poorly. As I’ve stated several times already, if you have questions then please reply to the review message and I’ll be more than happy to do my absolute best to answer your questions and provide additional feedback.

First I just want to say, nobody, at least I, don’t hate you and can understand as a reviewer you probably get more anger thrown your way than actually receive praise… I appreciate you taking the time to hash things out with me in this open forum.. :)

However… the review process is not perfect, nor anywhere near it... and we know this by so many threads popping up in the forum with, “I got rejected and I don’t know why”...

I’ve spent time creating something and it’s not going to pass the test… while that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth… I’m ready to toss it aside and move on… however I don’t want to spend another large amount of time creating something and crossing my fingers, hoping and guessing whether or not it’s going to pass the test… and I’m sure others don’t as well…

We all understand that items need to be well designed, useful to customers, well coded and well documented… I believe I met all those standards, if I didn’t… I wasn’t notified of which one(s) I missed… if I missed something else… I wasn’t notified of those either… I don’t think one or two lines about what I missed is asking too much… something like:

“Hey bonehead, your item lacks _ and the design & documentation could be better. Thanks!”

I don’t even care if you call me a bonehead… just don’t leave me hanging, I think others feel the same way… you said the decision to reject mine was unique so shouldn’t I have been part of that “large majority” that received more than a vague response?...

And as far as:

As I’ve stated several times already, if you have questions then please reply to the review message and I’ll be more than happy to do my absolute best to answer your questions and provide additional feedback.

This is a problem also and why people run to the forum for answers rather than replying to rejection letters… The review process is long, and when receiving such short vague answers on their rejected submissions… nobody trusts and wants to wait through that again…

You actually respond faster in the forums… 8 hours prior to your response in this very thread… I’d already replied to the review message and still wait for your reply…

not mad, not angry… just pointing out the flaw as to why people don’t reply to the review letter directly… :)

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I have to say that all the reviewers I’ve dealt with (including jremick) have been very helpful when queried for more details. But I do agree with luckykind that the process could be more transparent.

Adding a bit of structure to the rejection letters would probably make everyone’s lives easier. Even if it’s just a summary of the checklist the reviewers go through. For example:

Design:                Pass
Ease of Use:           Pass
Code:                  Pass
Features:              Pass
Size of market:        Fail
Description:           Fail
Documentation:         Pass
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Envato team

Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback, I really do. Nobody is perfect, least of all myself, although we try right? ;-)

Also, try to keep in mind that no matter what I say, I am always wrong from an upset author’s perspective. Believe me, before I was a reviewer, I had the same perspective. Once the tables had turned, everything changed.

Alright, I have tons of work to get caught up on so I think we can leave this thread be unless there are any specific questions you guys need answered.