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Envato team
Hi everyone! For the next 5 weeks we’ll be employing some A/B tests within our item purchase process. These tests will help us gather useful data about the checkout process and buyer experience. They will only affect a proportion of brand new users who sign-up and purchase items and are related to the much larger shopping cart project we know many of you have been excited about for a while now.

Temporary A/B Tests

We just wanted to assure all our community members that we have some tests in progress that will temporarily lead to some contrasting checkout experiences for some of our new members. Fear not however, this is intended and there are no bugs or technical issues at play!

While we are mindful this sounds somewhat vague, we are employing this approach on purpose to ensure our testing environment is as impartial and as realistic as possible. By not speculating or discussing this test in the forums you will be greatly assisting us as participants and spectators of this experiment. Any subsequent threads therefore about this temporary test will be locked and pointed back to this announcement.

Thank you so much for understanding and for your cooperation.